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Migrating, Caustic, Mutatable Tour EP Volume Three

Finders Keepers / B-Music / Compacta Series
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B-Music presents a limited souvenier from the third ‘MIGRATING, CAUSTIC, MUTATABLE TOUR’ from April/May 2008….

featuring exclusive tracks from the tours featured artists….

Wizard and Sophia met on a bus,
Linnea met Sophia in a place where you can buy crayons,
Linnea and Sophia and Wizard met Adam
inside of a crystal kaleidoscope,
they went on the road with Jana Hunter,
Meadows and Mouth of Leaves.
When they got home, made some music and
learned how to make a studio feel like a treehouse.
Then it was Crystal Totem Time touring with
Brightblack Morning Light and Mariee Sioux,
where they lit sparklers in night parking lots and
wore rainbow ribbons.
Now they make songs in a cabin in the mountains,
looking out of a big window upon fog rolling over trees.

Sounding like the missing link between Karen Dalton and Jolie Holland, Green’s voice is a timeless, effortless throwback, unique and indisputable. The self-explanatory (at least on the surface) b-side of her first single ‘French Singer’, alludes to her aspiration to be as significant an artist as, say, Edith Piaf, and her hope to convey real emotion. Already her ability exceeds Green’s far too modest nature. Ably supported on nimble bass by Stuart Eastham, Green would break the heart of even the most empty individual with her delivery of lyrics like, “If I act like I never had love, it’s not as if I haven’t tried”.

Green’s introduction to music was an education in pop, via her Dad’s mix tapes. Ranging from the Stones and Chuck Berry to Jackson 5 and Elton John, they inspired Green to pick up a guitar, although it took her another seven years to learn four chords! It wasn’t until she discovered finger picking that she began playing ‘properly’ and writing her own songs. The style she has developed also goes some way to explaining her love affair with country and blues.

Slightlydelic singer songwriter John Hill penned a handful of raucous mutant blues peons – including the original version of ‘Love,Love,Love,Love,Love’ (later imortalised by ‘Wool’) – before he plugged himself into the electronic charge of the psychedelic sixties and became a one man power plant providing a glowing freak-fuse for a generation of folk-funk and jazz-rock oddballs such as Margot Guryan, Pacific Gas And Electric and Susan Christie. Spending most of his career frying in the magnetic charge that kept him glued behind the mixing desk it has taken some 30 years for human hands to come to contact with the fall-out seeping from Dr. Hills toxic vaults. Finders Keepers’ release of Susan Christies’ previously unreleased ‘Paint A Lady’ provided listeners with a first dose of paisley stained acidik femme-folk and very soon it will be time for your repeat prescription in the form of John’s very own unheard space-jazz concept-album ‘ Six Moons Of Jupiter’, featuring Gerry Mulligan, Susan Christie and an army of electronic machinery programmed by the notorious Walter Sear. This version of the albums’ opening track ‘Europa’ is a drum-laden outake which does not appear on the forthcoming CD and LP.


  1. Lights - Lick The Blood
  2. Liz Green - Bad Medicine
  3. John Hill - Europa (Alternative Version)