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Migrating, Caustic, Mutatable Tour EP Volume Four

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B-Music presents a limited souvenier from the third ‘MIGRATING, CAUSTIC, MUTATABLE TOUR’ from May/June 2008….

featuring exclusive tracks from the tours featured artists….

With miles of magnetic tape that stretches between New York and Paris a commuting French-born Julie carries her four track recorder and an arsenal of pocket wonders from station to station sharing fragile fuzz tones, electric mishaps and tales of suburban street naming inaccuracies via the Twisted Nerve music factory.

When Selda Bagcan first released her long-awaited debut LP she was enduring/enjoying her halcyon as one of the most politically outspoken popular folk singers to hail from Turkey. In the previous decade she had made a household name for herself as a traditional Anadolu protest singer with a spectacular emotive vocal capacity (for idle argument’s sake, begging comparison to a Turkish Joan Baez). A figurehead and poetic driving force for a radical generation of politically motivated creative revolutionaries, her raw, stripped-down acidik folk songs yearned for political change with heart-wrenching earnest, embodying a unifying traditional sound which mainlined the veins of a free-thinking, united Turkey. Selda had, and still has, a reputation as an individual, omnipresent strength who was willing to brave grave consequences in the name of change and humanity which would later see her serve time in prison on account of her vociferous attitudes on behalf of her like-minded but seldom spoken peers.

A three prong attack involves three different ways of achieving the same aim???

The definition of the word pop is to cause to explode or burst open, to go or appear unexpectedly . There are three divisions of time – past, present and future ??? the sum of all human ability is three fold – thought, word and deed to be suspended in a spell like state of rapture or hypnosis is defined by the word trance

A three prong attack involves three different ways of achieving the same aim.


  1. Lispector - Palace Of My Soul
  2. Selda - Nem Kaldi
  3. Twinkranes - Fizz Nor Feedback