John Hill

The Six Moons Of Jupiter

Finders Keepers




The Six Moons Of Jupiter suite is the first part of an idea originally conceived as thirteen piece concept performance. The challenge has been to write each piece in a distinctly different style combining poetry, electronic technology, spiritural jazz, classical music and ‘Space Rock’ to reflect the individual cosmic personalities of each of the moons that surround the largest known planet in our universe. The poem, written my Ian Michaels and recited by major label recording artist, Susan Christie, is based on the idea that all life on Earth originated on Europa, the only other place in the solar system with water ice.

Hope you enjoy your journey home!



  1. Europa
  2. Amalthea
  3. Clear In The Black
  4. Ganymede
  5. Green Gold
  6. Io
  7. The Emptiness Cries
  8. Callisto
  9. Still In Our Dreaming
  10. Elara
  11. Europa (No Poetry) - CD ONLY BONUS TRACK
  12. I Am The Storm Of Dawn - CD ONLY BONUS TRACK