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Migrating, Caustic, Mutatable Tour EP Volume Two

Finders Keepers / B-Music / Compacta Series
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They met in Bristol. They formed in an industrial lift in an Easton recording studio in 2002 while planning and executing their 1st album ‘Ponds of Beauty (Ponds of Terror!)’. This was eventually recorded live after 1 year of rehearsal. Their Twisted Nerve debut came in August 05 on ‘Now Is The Winter Of Our Discount Tents’ (TN060), followed by a cameo on 2007’s ‘A Kind of Awe and Reverence and Wonder’ compilation. Work has just finished on their new mutatable newt-inspired album, coming soon on Twisted Nerve.

Blues-tinged acid-fried mutant-fuzz misfits Wolf People continue their not-so-quiet-riot with this their first fruits of 2008. Two long sold out 7″ singles on the bespoke Battered Ornaments label and a host of incendiary gigs the length and breadth of the UK have seen a hushed cult following blossom into a fully blown fanatical freakout. Insert mandatory canis lupus pun here…

Having recorded her debut LP for Qualiton in 1971 Kovacs took a role as the principal actress in ‘The Girl’, the debut film by Marta Mazeros, the Hungarian New Wave’s leading female director. Mazeros commitment to the Hungarian Rock Scene was central to her early career and saw a number of singers double-up as actors and actresses in front of the camera which served as feature length pop-promos, pushing gregarious artists like Kati Kovacs further into the line of the public eye. By the mid eighties Kovacs would become a house hold name in Hungary as one of the standout female pop mascots alongside Sarolta Zalatnay and Szucha Koncz.

‘Add Mar, Uram Az Esot!’ is an obscure driving funk rock B-side translating to ‘Give Me Rain, My Lord!’ which sees Kovacs unleashing her trademark moan and groan vocals over crazed indian rain-dance breakdowns….

Beat freaks look out for Finders Keepers’ forthcoming Hungarian compilation ‘Well Hung’ for more sexually charged Eastern European breaks.


  1. The Liftmen - Belly Can
  2. Kati Kovacs - Add mar, Uram, az esot!
  3. Wolf People - Caratacas, live