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Migrating, Caustic, Mutatable Tour EP Volume One

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B-Music presents a limited souvenier from the ‘MIGRATING, CAUSTIC, MUTATABLE TOUR’ from March 2008….

featuring exclusive tracks from the tours featured artists….

Falsetto fairytale folk songs and 16th century poems from the black and white birds nest. The Bunyan on the ball of Vashti’s foot from the frost bitten fells of Rochdale. Alison Cooper is inspired by sepia stories, stray animals and recurring dreams of migration.The release of a handmade 6 track 7″ EP on Manchesters ‘Bird’ imprint is imminent.

Imagine Delia Derbyshire in deepest Lancashire recording a Nepalese Incredible String Band with members of Os Mutantes and Faust keeping the generator warm and the kitchen operating in audible proximity. Sam McGloughlans viscously self sufficient, fairweather commune band make the type of acid soaked folk and handicraft punk-rock that unified Gong and Soft Machine fans before he was born. Through blurred vision Sam has explored the world as a part time band member for Gruff Rhys, Voice Of The Seven Woods and Bonnie Dobson. After converting 2 demo tapes straight to vinyl via Twisted Nerve Sam will release his first full length LP this Summer.

Prog-punk v’s krautrockabilly with the reincarnated teenage spirit of an Eastern European Mark E Smith is a redundant attempt to describe this truly unique enigma. Leicesters Will Goddard has played alongside Barry Seven and Cherrystones in the mythical ‘Prey’ and his five piece SVC combo features members of Bolt Thrower and Methodist Centre. This man goes through record labels like a worm through an orchard but also releases records on his own ‘Invisible Spies’ imprint alongside the likes of Kid Acne. Supreme Vagabond Craftsman = burnt pub with an armchair outside it, a community centre with yellow net curtains, Pongo owes Swaz 175 quid. An Alsations face, a stick of dynamite and a dancing skeleton with a top hat and walking stick. Can I have your used bog rolls for me grey mouse?

If any singular exponent of the powerful Turkish Anadolu Pop scene could be described as eclectic it would have to be Ersen. His chameleon image in Turkey has teetered on the edge of versatile and schizophrenic over his 40-year sporadic career and his versatile talents as a vocalist have served as a refreshing alternative to his contemporaries in one of the most progressive musical micro-cultures in the history of rock music 16 schizoid slices of Arabesque Funk Rock from this silver-tongued chameleon of electric Anatolia Pop available now from the Finders Keepers on-line store.


  1. Supreme Vagabond Craftsman - I Live In The Fens
  2. Magpahi - Seed
  3. Samandtheplants - Big Night
  4. Ersen - Ternek