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Twisted Nerve Mixed

Twisted Nerve
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TWISTED NERVE MIXED is the latest hi-speed mutant mixtape from B-Musicologist Andy Votel using tracks exclusively selected from the vaults his own ferociously independent non-record label.

A 40 track masala of T.N. DIY classics, b-sides, rarities and remixes celebrating a decade of teenage garage jams Mancunian psychsploitation, arkhestral communism and workshop pop Twisted Nerve Mixed features Voice Of The Seven Woods, Samandtheplants the first ever release by Badly Drawn Boy rare remixes from Homelife and psyched-out side projects from Jane Weaver (Misty Dixon), Clearspot (Duophonic), Graham Massey (808 State) and CD debuts of vinyl only cuts from label stalwarts Sirconical, Dakota Oak and many more lubricated in custom-built sound effects and dialogue – Twisted Nerve’s roster has never been so digestible!

Accidentally conceived in 1998 when cut and paste graphic artist and obscure vinyl obsessive Andy Votel teamed up with screenprinter cum second-class songsmith Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy) and converted their own 4 track compact cassettes into cut-price vinyl 45s… Twisted Nerve is now ten years old.

Consistently jarring with the status quo our thoroughly unreliable and schizophrenic release schedules fits like a fingerless glove on an octopus. Embracing the true nature of the independent record label with little regard to the impractical standards of the major music industry Twisted Nerve has conspired to bring you the closest thing to a community run industry with our privately pressed and handmade products.


  1. D.O.T - Say Your Prayers (TN012) / D.O.T - Say Your Prayers (Homelife remix) (TN012) / Badly Drawn Boy - Riding With Gabriel Greenburgh (TN001) / Dakota Oak - Junior (TN008)
  2. Voice Of The Seven Woods - Fire In My Head (TN077) / Supreme Vagabond Craftsman - All My Teeth, North and South (TN027)
  3. D.O.T - Say Your Prayers (Cherrystones Remix) (TN012) / Mum & Dad - Pretty Pretty (TN035)
  4. Sirconical & Andy Votel - Cock Diesel (TN009) / Dakota Oak - Coffee Dreams (TN008)
  5. Clear Spot - A Slice Of Ginger Noise (TN050 / 5) / Sirconical - Bimbo Quick (TN004)
  6. The Liftmen - Sad Tail (TN078) / D.O.T - Safe In The Knowledge V 2.0 (TN028) / Voice Of The Seven Woods - Second Transition (TN077)
  7. Dave Tyack's Dakota Oak - Factory (TN022) / Dakota Oak - I Love Buses And Girls (TN015) / Misty Dixon - Your'e So Cruel To My Heart (TN046) / Mum & Dad - Kids With Psychic Powers (TN034)
  8. Toolshed - I Rooster 2 (TN078) / Dakota Oak - I Did It All For The Love Of A Kind Hearted Woman (TN014)
  9. Samandtheplants - Hag Door Mountain (TN060) / D.O.T - Odessa Steps (TN048)
  10. Sirconical - Gone (TN057) / Misty Dixon - No More Too Long Ago (TN046) / Alfie - Montevideo (TN019)
  11. Mum & Dad - Animals In Towns (TN045) / Lispector - Ice Cream Man (TN060) / Samandtheplants - Cremation (TN085)
  12. All Traps Set - Short Of Water (TN078) / Aidan Smith - Basslines And Shapes (TN060) / Kerdd Dannt - Tiwn Gron (TN075) / Misty Dixon - Love Is Like A Butterfly (TN036) / Jukes - And She Walk For Miles (TN055)
  13. Jukes - Rusty Human (TN055) / Luma Lane - Sikinsokin (TN042) / Little Miss Trinitron - Cpu Song (TN039)