In The Scare Shed

Twisted Nerve
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SPECIAL PRICE VINYL.  As our recent office relocation continues to sprout forgotten fruit, an unopened box of this long deleted Finders Keepers office classic rises to the surface. Ranking head and shoulders above the many “video nasty” inspired alt-pop musicians riding the recent Euro-Horror wave this  limited-release 2009 10″ LP swerved the synth minimalism influence of Carpenter/Howarth and Fulci/Frizzi in favour of pastoral-macabre….

With crackling slo-mo instrumentals and sedated stoner-psycho songs conjuring images of Borowczyk, Zulawski and Rollin as well as rural macabre pieces like Symptoms, Blood On Satan’s Claw and A Quiet Place In The Country. Handcrafted by Sam Mcloughlan “In the Scare Shed” harbours some of this DIY workaholics darkest moments revealing the early fractures which later oozed the likes of N.Racker and Supernatural Lancashire and stands up as an all time favourite LP from Pre-FK label Twisted Nerve made by a truly unique artist.


  1. In The Scare Shed
  2. Lilow
  3. Around The House
  4. Me and A Dear Friend
  5. The Res
  6. In That Place
  7. Should
  8. Wonderfull
  9. Taxi
  10. Finger Dinner
  11. Last Leaves
  12. In The Dust