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Gloria’s Theme

Disposable Music
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Who is Gloria? What did she do? Why is she running? And who is running after her? Is this a dream or reality? or both?

A female suspect in a vilolent fantasy at the threshold of freedom.

Crimes of passion with a passion for crime and the endless pursuit of what doesn’t exist. Side by side the two lay together but In the end she must face all that was lost… alone.


  1. Opening To Gloria
  2. This Crime is the Only Way
  3. A Threshold Of Freedom
  4. Move Now
  5. As She Entered
  6. Female Suspect
  7. Orderly Violence
  8. Claiming Guilt
  9. Endless Pursuits Of What Doesn't Exist
  10. Orderly ViolenIe (Redemption Interlude)
  11. The Last Dinner Plate
  12. Megawatts And Caught
  13. The Two Together
  14. Run Now
  15. Orderly Violence (Forgiving Interlude)
  16. Remembering Her Words
  17. Facing All That Was Lost
  18. Equating
  19. Facing All That Was Lost Alone