S. Mcloughlin/A. Cooper

Natural / Supernatural Lancashire

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Natural Lancashire is a truly unique publication. A natural history reference work that is dedicated to the flora and fauna of the region. Created by local experts, this superbly produced; lavish work is an indispensable guide to the natural history of the ‘old’ county of Lancashire. Aimed at anyone who enjoys exploring the natural wonders of the region it is packed full of superb sonic images of treasures both common and rare. Intended to stimulate the general listener than inform the expert Natural Lancashire is a real joy to use. Listen and then take your family on a very British safari. Natural Lancashire is a celebration of what we have and what we hope will still be here for our grandchildren.

Supernatural Lancashire delves into the mysteries, myths and strange phenomena of the old county of Lancashire. From Windermere in the north to Warrington in the south, Liverpool in the west and Manchester in the east, the author has produced a thoroughly researched and entertaining body of work. Supernatural Lancashire includes stories of ghosts, witchcraft and mermaids, plus cases of close encounters, poltergeists and alien big cats. Experience the dark forces released during a performance at Liverpool’s Neptune Theatre, the lift in a derelict Southport hotel which continued to operate even while it was being demolished, the puma-like creature that terrified a teenage girl in Bolton and a UFO which hovered over a car in Nelson, draining it of power – and much, much more.