The Crime Sound Orchestra

Dracula’s Music Cabinet/Science Fiction Dance Party Instrumentals

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Horst Ackermann and Heribert Thusek’s krautrock kredentials originally came from production music sessions. In their youth they would play alongside musicians like Charlie Antolini as multi-instrumentalists in various jazz combos and throughoutt the 70s they would record amongst cosmic luminaries such as Klauss Weiss (Niagara) and Sigi Schwab (Embryo) for library labels like Golden Ring. But the two collectable novelty LPs by the custom built Crime Sound Orchestra were actually the product of their savvy studious publishing company attempting to cash-in on whimsical media trends found mostly on TV or in cinematic blockbusters.

Shelved at a micro-cosmic axis where krautrock meets lesbian vampire Horrotica and easy listening meets psychedelia, Disposable Music presents, for the first time on any format, the original instrumental backing tracks for ‘Dracula’s Music Cabinet’ and ‘The Science Fiction Dance Party’ concept albums.

1. Crime Sound # 1
2. Crime Sound # 4
3. Crime Sound # 5
4. Crime Sound # 7
5. Crime Sound # 8
6. Crime Sound # 10
7. Science Fiction # 1
8. Science Fiction # 4
9. Science Fiction # 5
10. Science Fiction # 7
11. Science Fiction # 8
12. Science Fiction # 10

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