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As leading exponents of Lahore’s vibrant self-contained film industry the Brothers Tafo gave Lollywood its first Rock Group in the form of its expanded Sexet commonly known as Tafo or Taffoo to Punjabi and Urdu listeners. Mostly instrumental in composition the sibling writing team emerged in 1970 providing incidental music and sonic variations for Lollywood love storys under the direction of Pakistans freakish equivalent of RD Burman, Mr. M.Ashraf with whom they would enjoy over a decade of film scoring and musical experimentation at the expense of the hi tech EMI funded recording studios in Lahore. State of the art echo-plexes, primitive drum machines, analogue synths, fuzz pedals and man-made mayhem provided many otherwise mundane film-scenes with playful and infectious freak-rock courtesy of these ‘behind-the-scenes’ uber-legends who would also be the first Lollywood group to record their own rare pop LP.

Yeh Aaj Mujh Ko
Tut Tooro Tooro Tara Tara
1. Oh My Love
2. Bura Honda Juwariyan Da
3. Par Kahin Aankh Laraee
4. Bijli Bhari Hai
5. Dilon Man Laee
6. To Shamae-Mohabbat
7. Mera Mehboob Hai Tu mp3
8. Lakh Karo Inkar
9. Tere Siwa Dunya Men
10. Munda Shahr Lahore Da

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