Jane Weaver

The Electric Mountain EP




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Limited cassingle EP to coincide with the release of Jane Weaver’s fifth studio solo album The Silver Globe. Centred around variations of the track The Electric Mountain (co-authored with Hawkwind’s Dave Brock) including remix by Andy Votel (exclusive to this format) and and exclusive non-album track and radio session.

The b-side contains five tracks taken from Jane’s previous albums recorded between 2000-2014.  Housed in dead stock vintage chocolate coloured cassette shell with matching case. Also available on download.

A1) Electric Mountain (LP Version)
A2) Siegfried & Roy (Demo Version)
A3) Electric Mountain (Andy Votel Remix)
A4) Electric Mountain (Radio Session) 
B1) Starglow
B2) Bird Stole The Gold
B3) Misty Disco
B4) The Pain 
B5) SIlver Chord

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