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Bird Songs

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Taking self sufficient songbirds and melodic magpies under our frangible wing Bird Records aims to nurture effeminate euphony of every species, vintage or temperament. Apolitical – pro-musical. From the forlorn to the ferocious. From the predatory to the precouscious. Bird Records is an independent women’s Institute fuelled by artistic freedom and the simple sound of sonic sisterhood.

Magpahi – Tired And Weary Traveller
Falsetto fairy-tale folk songs and 16th century poems from the heart of the black and white birds nest. The Bunyan on the ball of Vashti’s foot from the frost bitten fells of supernatural Lancashire – Alison Cooper is inspired by sepia storybooks, stray animals and flickering visions of the industrial North. Taken from the forthcoming LP featuring Samandtheplants.

Ali Babki – Your Grey Eyes
Meet Anna, Ewa, Krystyna, Sylwia, Anna and Wanda. This six fold sisterhood of Polish pin-ups took the Sopot music festival by storm under the direction of orchestrator Juliusz Loranc. One of many indigenous flocks from Communist era Poland who failed to migrate beyond its climate.

Jane Weaver – Whispers Of Winter
Taking influences from Eastern European children’s cinema, Germanic kunstmarchen, 70s television music and early murmurs of 80s synth-pop, ‘The Fallen By Watch Bird’ is a new conceptual pop project featuring seven chapters of cosmic aquatic folklore by songwriter Jane Weaver (Misty Dixon). Taken from the forthcoming LP featuring Wendy Flower and Susan Christie under the collective moniker Septieme Soeur.

Soledad Miranda – El Color Del Amor
Commonly recognised as Spanish Horrortica director Jess Franco’s most infamous leading lady this Seville born future Vampyros Lesbos actress released two sought after and lesser spotted 7″ EPs containing the only 8 songs she ever recorded. Produced and marketed exclusively in Spain – which was out of synch with here growing international readership – tracks like ‘El Color Del Amor’ showed a huge potential which would have undoubtedly blossomed if it wasn’t for her untimely death on the road between Madrid and Portugal on 18th August 1970. Taken from the forthcoming Soledad Miranda compendium.

Emma Tricca – Coming Into Los Angeles
Italian born songbird Emma Tricca is a natural product of all those miles travelled and all those songs played. Elegant and unvarnished songs that will endure as much as those that inspired Emma to pick up a guitar and start to sing in the first place. This exclusive track does not appear on Emma’s debut LP ‘Minor White’.

Sidan – Gobaith
Translated as “Hope” this Cymraeg 45 by five peice teenage girl group rarely pops up outside its native Wales. Originally formed as an extension of their school choir sessions the group were spotted by long-running Welsh language independent label Sain (Sound) and released 2 EPs and an album alongside protest songs, comedy records and acid folk rarities by Meic Stevens and Heather Jones. Taken from the forthcoming retrospective Sidan LP.


  1. Magpahi - Tired And Weary Traveller
  2. Ali Babki - Your Grey Eyes
  3. Jane Weaver - Whispers Of Winter
  4. Soledad Miranda - El Color Del Amor
  5. Emma Tricca - Coming Into Los Angeles
  6. Sidan - Gobaith