Dave Tyack's Dakota Oak

Am Deister (Limited Edition)

Twisted Nerve
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From the catalogue of Finders Keepers’ senior sister label Twisted Nerve, this epic fractured folkloric album by German born/Derbyshire raised one-man-music-mechanic Dave Tyack is still considered one of the label’s finest moments. Recorded twenty years ago and released in 2001 this LP defies virtually any genre to come before or after its release, created in an an intimate solitary capacity with fleeting visits from members of Dakota Oak Trio and Andy Votel (on vocals and malfunctioning moog synthesiser). Packaged here in a very limited run of custom-made gramophone style stitched sleeves, this special version of Am Diester (a homage to his Germanic forest homeland) features recently uncovered screen-printed artwork by Dave himself who sadly passed away in Corsica in 2002. Included in this package is an original bonus 45 single of ¬†two album tracks based on the writings of John Steinbeck which features an oblique and unlikely cover version of Helpless by Neil Young which is exclusive to this format.


  1. Wald Und Berge
  2. Da Wollen Wir Hin
  3. I Love Buses & Girls (Part One)
  4. Deister Waltz
  5. Line Tops
  6. Untitled
  7. How Danny's Friends Became A Force For Good
  8. The Story Of Bear
  9. How Danny's Sorrowing Friends Defied Conventions
  10. J'Adore Le Batterie
  11. Sing
  12. How Heavy A Heart Is Mine!
  13. Am Hohen Holze
  14. My Only Train (Is The One That Takes Me To You)
  15. Ich Bin Ein Bredenbecker
  16. Baker's Bluejay Yarn
  17. Hannover Under Snow
  18. Sonny & Browny
  19. Pick Up The Sword
  20. Untitled
  21. I Did It All For The Love Of A Kind Hearted Women
  22. Ich Bin Ein Bredenbecker (Reprise)
  23. I Love Buses & Girls (Part Two)
  24. Three (Three)
  25. When The Dawn Flames In The Sky
  26. Over The Bridge (Over The Clouds)