David Tyack & Malcolm Mooney

Rip Van Winkle

Twisted Nerve
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Based on the hallucinogenic modern folk tale of Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving Tyack and constructed into two suites of home recorded cinematic mechanical folk and broken pop for this small pressing run first released over 12 years ago.

The LP contains both a narrative version of the tale spoken by the Krautrock legend Malcolm Mooney with multimedia and electro-acoustic musical accompaniment – backed on the flipside with an entirely instrumental reaction combining a wide range of influences ranging from Folkways field recordings, Philip Glass LPs, Chicago post-pop, Graeme Miller’s soundtrack for Moomins TV series and a tongue-in-cheek appreciation for a certain famous Italian horror group. ¬†Complete with cover art by Dave himself this LP is an indispensable part of Finders Keepers/B-Music pre-history and one of Tyack’s most accomplished recorded moments sadly promoted in his absence after his unfortunate disappearance in the same year.

An undisputed but inimitable classic!


  1. Whoever Has Made A Voyage Up The Hudson Must Remember The Kaatskill Mountains
  2. Not A Dog Would Bark At Him Throughout The Neigbourhood But Weeds Were Sure To Grow Quicker On His Fields Than Anywhere Else
  3. A Long Ramble
  4. As He Was About To Descend He Heard A Voice From A Distance
  5. A Company Of Odd Looking Personages The Most Perculiar Party Of Pleasure He Had Witnessed
  6. He Was Naturally A Thirsty Soul: One Taste Provoked Another He Fell Into A Deep Sleep
  7. Rip's Dream
  8. "Surely I Have Not Slept Here All Night"
  9. He Began To Doubt Whether Both He And The World Around Him Were Bewitched
  10. Malcolm Mooney Reads The Original Text By Washington Irving