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Twisted Words Volume One

Twisted Nerve
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A sonic oeuf a decade in the hatching. Initially announced in the music press in 1999 Twisted Nerve Records finally release their spoken word library on a sporadic series of 45rpm vinyl discs manufactured in strictly limited numbers.

Influenced in design by a varied cross section of vintage vinyl discs of high-art, political propaganda, storybook records, folkways field recordings and exploito-trash, Twisted Words Archival Transcriptions comprise exclusive oral contributions from a list of globally respected and inspirational poets and wordsmiths.

Volume one contains 8 recordings from 3 speakers from the North West and South East of England and the East coast of America.

This debut release features archive poetry from Malcolm Mooney written in New York City in 1975, 5 years after he quit his post as the original vocalist for the German Krautrock pioneers Can. The seven inch EP also includes 2 custom recorded pieces by Billy Childish (ff Thee Headcoats/Mighty Caesars fame) taped at his home in Medway in the county of Kent in 2005 alongside a selection of poems from Carol Batton, an omnipresent inspiration to Manchester city centre’s willing recipients of an estimated fifty thousand sheets of poetry throughout the past two and a half decades (Carol’s prose also appeared on Andy Votel’s ‘Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word’ compilation series in 2004 and 2007).


  1. Billy Childish - At Midnight I Will Say I Love You
  2. Malcolm Mooney - Only Because You Said I Could
  3. Carol Batton - Wasps
  4. Malcolm Mooney - Been Hurt? Say What
  5. Carol Batton - Trees Come Back To Life In Winter
  6. Billy Childish - I Am Here To Build Jerusalem
  7. Malcolm Mooney - One Hour And Some Change
  8. Carol Batton - A Fox Ate My Flowers