Guide To Personal Happiness

Twisted Nerve




DIY Montplaisir chanteuse Lispector makes her UK album debut with 13 home recordings about planets and beings, tattoos and planes, reality and fiction.

Lispector is Julie Margat and her tape recorder. This freethinking globetrotter from the south of France has translated her homemade one-woman-quiet-riot into numerous self-released cassettes and privately pressed releases since 1996 (not to mention appearing on the Twisted Nerve/Finders Keepers compilations ‘Now Is The Winter Of Our Discount Tents’ and ‘Bearded Ladies’) armed only with a handful of Yamaha keyboards, a sequencer, a drum machine and an acoustic guitar.

With a handful of albums under her belt, including her 2000 debut ‘Human Problems And How To Solve Them’, self-released on her own Ponytail Records whilst living in New York, Julie’s 4 and 8 track home recordings embrace the true nature of independent music and are brimming with minimalist rhythms, careful arrangements, uneven guitars and dusty synths – keeping in line with Twisted Nerve’s original A&R policy of ‘releasing music that you wouldn’t hear elsewhere’.


  1. Lispector Sur Une Blancoire
  2. Romantic At Heart
  3. Ice Cream Man
  4. Summer's Back
  5. Mixing You With Champagne
  6. Nobody Cares
  7. Peachtree Street
  8. Plane Traveller
  9. Winona Forever (Tattoo Song)
  10. The Game
  11. Guide To Personal Happiness
  12. Palace Of My Soul
  13. Coffee Machine