Diane Cluck

Selections From Oh Vanille/Ova Nil

Twisted Nerve
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Probably known to most through her inclusion on the Devendra Banhart curated ‘Golden Apples of the Sun’ and Rough Trade ‘Anti-Folk Volume 1’ compilations, Diane Cluck has been self-releasing CD-R’s for some time but remains reluctant to make an official forray into the music industry. As such this limited (500 only) 7” is put out to accompany the two albums, ‘Oh Vanille’ and ‘Ova Nil’ and features some charmingly lo-fi, handstitched packaging.

Classically trained and with a formidable Erik Satie obsesion, Cluck relies on a sparse pantry of musical elements (piano, acoustic guitar, harmonium), that allows the focus to stick doggedly on her vocals. With an incredible glottal bluntness, Cluck sculpts utterly beguiling nuggets of acoustic folk/pop which, although minimal, never feel underdeveloped.


  1. Easy To Be Around
  2. Petite Roses
  3. Sandy Ree
  4. Yr Million Sweetness