Emerald Web

Dragon Wings And Wizard Tales

Finders Keepers
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This special cassette edition of Emerald Web’s Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales (1979) finally presents the debut LP by Miami based husband and wife synth enthusiasts on the choice format that came to represent the DIY new age electronic movement in the following decade. Licensed and mastered with the full co-operation from the duos own home run Stargate Records, this rare LP is the label’s only release that didn’t come out on the cassette format until now – presenting new fans with the perfect introduction to the group and genre and completing the full cassetteography for the growing number of private issue new age tape collectors currently lurking in eBay’s darkest corners.

An early seminal precursor to 1980s electronic new age/minimal synth/relaxation music boom and a welcome feminine take on the genre (critically epitomised shortly after by the likes of Suzanne Ciani) Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales hear the multi-instrumentalist duo combine a broad range of modular synths (as found in similar formation to ambient krautrock records by Klaus Schulze) and the use of the Lyricon wind synth (as favoured by Swiss electronic pioneer Bruno Spoerri).

This LP also features seldom heard lead vocals from Kat Epple, an element in their music which later disappeared in favour of non-lingustic spiritual soundscapes and universal tantric electronics. As part of an ongoing relationship with Kat Epple, and in honour of Bob’s untimely death in 1990, this limited cassette will proceed an in-depth anthology of the duo’s extensive production work, new to Finders Keepers in the imminent future.