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With a sonic portfolio that boasts commissions for the Xenon classic pinball machine, the sounds for the Meco Star Wars theme, the Atari TV commercials and the electronic sound effects in the original Stepford Wives film (amongst many others) the mutant electronic music CV of Suzanne Ciani is proof that in a 1970s commercial world of boys toys, monopolised by a male dominated media industry, a womanÕs touch was the essential secret ingredient to successful sonic seduction. A classically trained musician with an MA in music composition this American Italian pianist was first introduced to the synthesizer via her connections in the art world when abstract Sculptor and collaborator Harold Paris introduced Suzanne to synthesizer designer Don Buchla who created the instrument that would come to define Ciani’s synthetic sound (The Buchla Synthesiser). Cutting her teeth providing self-initiated electronic music projects for art galleries, experimental film directors, pop record producers and proto-video nasties Suzanne soon located to New York where she quickly became the first point of call for electronic music services in both the underground experimental fields and the commercial advertising worlds alike. Counting names like Vangelis and Harald Bode amongst her close friends Suzanne and her Ciani Musica companybecame the testing ground for virtually any type of new developments in electronic and computerized music amassing an expansive vault of commercially unexposed electronic experiments which have remained untouched for over 30 years… until now.

Finders Keepers Records are happy to announce a new creative archive based relationship with Suzanne Ciani and as a precursor to the release of our Lixiviation compilation next month we present a very special limited edition double cassette studio portfolio and as well as a rare KPFA Interview.

TAPE I SIDE A PINK Electronic Demo Reel

1. Atari Video Games
2. PBS “Inside Story”
3. Black & Decker “Slo-Mo II”
5. Almay “Eclipse”
6. Coca-Cola Pop & Pour Effect
7. ITT “Clean Room”
8. Atari Corporate Tag
9. Prince Tennis Raquets “Pan Shriver/Kathy Rinaldi
10. Glidden Paints
11. Atari “Summer”
12. GE Corporate Enhanced Logo
13. Lincoln/Mercury “Palace”
14. Columbia TV Logo
15. Columbia


16. Suzanne Ciani interviewed by Charles Amirkhanian Morning Concert KPTA Radio Berkelen Fri 9/4/81 (Part One). Ciani from her home in NYC by telephone. Aired live

TAPE II SIDE A BLUE – Electronic Demo Reel

17. AT&T
18. Atari “Liberator” mp3
19. Chevrolet “Hot Streak”
20. Black & Decker
21. Discover Magazine
22. Thom McCan “Jox”
23. ABC
24. Avis “Red Hot Renters”
25. General Electronic “BEEP”
26. Pepsi-Cola “Vanishing Bottle”
27. Firestone
28. M&M Candy. Co. Skittles “Rainbow”
29. Sunkist “Pouring Orange”


30. Suzanne Ciani interviewed by Charles Amirkhanian Morning Concert KPTA Radio Berkelen Fri 9/4/81 (Part Two). Interview in two track mono. Ciani from her home in NYC by telephone. Aired live

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