Gary Sloan, Kurt Riemann & Paul Alexander

Clone Tapes

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Four authentic cassette tape sides of Alaska antique acid, misplaced krautrock, neo-tantrik sythesized soundscapes and Electronic harmonica (!) taken from improvised archival recordings and self broadcasted Anchorage radio sessions.

The Clone Tapes is part of a privileged access-all-areas insight to a previously unknown world of synthetic rhythm-plus-blues signposted only by the ultra rare flagship LP Harmonitalk by Gary Sloan and Clone.

These tapes preserve rare snippets of Gary Sloan’s own late night Alaskan radio show The Import Hour and document a series of long conceptual, unmapped electronic work-outs comprising of Schulzesque new-age explorations and proto-acid-house rhythm sequences.

Representing a truly unique, distorted and geographically untainted response to their (almost indecipherable) heavy blues influences these private 1979 cassette experiments defy categorisation and illustrate the new creative potentials of domestic modular synths at the dawn of the information age.

As part of an ongoing re-cloning project this strictly limited release features non-commercial synthesiser research music (in unedited form) performed by The Clone Trio in 3-Dimensional sound and vision.


  1. The Import Hour Intro (Octabred)
  2. Medley (Languid Presence/Horse Feet)
  3. The Import Hour Outro (Octabred)
  4. Bouncing Snake (Full Version)
  5. Mix He Said (Full Version)
  6. Four A.M. Landing
  7. Skye Loaf