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Celestial Mass

Finders Keepers



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Celebrating 40 years since the human moon invasion and 4 decades of space inspired concept rock this interplanetary patchwork mass brings together some of the most innovative, maligned and respected cult figures in Hi-Fi Sci-Fi progressive pop history.

Custom built from the vintage vaults of Finders Keepers Records and their associated constellation ‘Celestial Mass’ features 80 minutes of global misplaced pop, communal rock, celestial jazz, kosmic disco, space age electronics and astral ambience from the post-lunar trespass generation.

1. Na Kosmodromie – Krzysztof Sadowski
2. Pop In Orbit – J.P.Massiera
3. Veo Visiones – Los Gritos
4. End Of A Robot – The Science Fiction Corporation
5. Foghat Digs Holes In Space – Gong
6. Astral Abuse – Alpha Beta
7. Soleil D’Ork – Magma
8. Alpha Beta – Astral Abuse
9. Frankenstein Meets Alpha 7 – The Vampires Of Dartmoore
10. Visitors – Visitors
11. Sunken Ship – Sam Spence
12. Lunar Module – Os Brazoes
13. Satellites Are Spinning – Sun Ra And His Solar Myth Approach
14. Flirtation On Venus – The Science Fiction Corporation
15. Flying – Braens Machine
16. Space Woman – Herman’s Rocket
17. Amalthea – John Hill
18. Moss Covered Obelisk- Chrome Hoof
19. Na Kosmodromie – Krzysztof Sadowski
20. Love In Outer Space – Toolshed
21. Aurore Cosmic – Popera Cosmic
22. Space Oddity – Hermanos Calatrava
23. Europa – John Hill

Wonderfully warped 22 track space rock bonanza  MOJO
A Big Dipper of interstellar sonic collisions  RECORD COLLECTOR
Engagingly otherworldly UNCUT
Essential SHINDIG

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