Wolf People

Tiny Circles

Battered Ornaments
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Wolf People return and you know the score. On their records they deliver beat driven psych blues with searing tube guitars and distorted harmonica, whilst live they mix ferocious buzz flute with drum-heavy acid rock. They draw influence from Beefheart, Can, Turkish psych, delta blues, English folk and west-coast acid rock to produce a vital and unique sound.

The band was initially formed to create a live platform for Jacks’ songs, which were recorded at his Bedford home with a variety of vintage guitars and tape recorders. Since then the band has grown immeasurably in confidence and ability having played gigs alongside Malcolm Mooney, Damo Suzuki, The Aliens, Circulus, Wendy Flower, Voice of the Seven Woods, Alela Dianne and many others.


  1. Tiny Circles
  2. Mercy