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Anagram Jam is a deeply covert production in the form of an album featuring 15 edits by two highly informed and inscrutable musical archivists. To cover their true indentitles these agents are using the anagramed pseudonyms Tandy Love and Mad Smooth, as a further clue they hail from the Manchester based club night B-Music. The names of the track sources have been also been disguised so unscrabble the rabble to reveal the mixed-up monikers of your new favourite freak-funk psychadelic songsmiths. All tracks are de-pipped with minimal pith and added juicy bits. Maximized, marmalised, shredded and preserved using the finest ingredients from the fruitful pastures of our pear shaped planet. The album truly is an international affair combining elements from England, Korea, Turkey, Russia, France, Israel, India, America and Spain.

1. Imp Girl – Vandal Cock
2. Its Competition Time – Tandy Love & Mad Smooth
3. Anagram Jam Part 3 – Tandy Love & Mad Smooth
4. Solar Singe – Torchbearers Boil
5. Stun Gun Mao – I Kavalier
6. Gentle Onto God – Eileen Jawsin
7. Anagram Jam Part 7 – Tandy Love & Mad Smooth
8. Alias Earth-Lab – Alain Fish
9. Ginseng Bird Rub – Reo Grey
10. Jar Jee Jar Jaa – April Phibia & The Rule Her
11. Mask It! – CBS Romania
12. Loop – Dizcoa
13. A Zebu Nuclear Junco – Jono Pelicio
14. Dead Army – Cozy As Comfort
15. Run Way – Ray Wun
16. Carrer Cats Get Tiger sSuits – Chronicle Grime

Gucking Fenius David Holmes
So this is what Finders Keepers crew do before breakfast. More jam please mom! Egon (Stones Throw)
Puts Andy Votel’s efforts to shame The Gaslamp Killer
Sounds like the work of B-Music’s distant dyslexic dopplegangers Gruff Rhys

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