Mixed By Andy Votel

Turk Jerk

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Unscrabble the rabble to reveal the upturned titles of 13 new re-animated Andalou pop-psych, freak -funk, disco-drum nuggets. Skewered, spiced & sliced by Tandy Love (B-Music) using the finest ingredients from both sides of the bosphorous bridge.

Turk Jerk aka Anatolian Anagrams features 13 tracks of obscure-as-hell Turk-ish psych funk disco-punk ,cosmic floor fillers and mind benders. Ideal for those searching for something even deeper than the classic LPs by Selda, Baris, Ersen or Alpay and a fine addition to collections of world-class psych and odd-pop such as krautrock and tropicalia Tandy Love has selected the rarest fruits from his endless collection, depipped and marmalised the ingredients, serving us the very juiciest bits. As with itÕs predecessor, Anagram Jam, you have the added fun of trying to decode the track names to reveal the original titles.