Le Frisson Des Vampires (The Shiver of the Vampires)

Finders Keepers




The entire unreleased soundtrack for Jean Rollins 1971 ultimate French vampire hippy flick Le Frisson Des Vampires. Embryonic psych funk recordings from Parisian teenage psych combo including members of French No-No mod rockers Unity.

Imagine an early Gong/Ame Son/Soft Machine session fuelled by a 1000 year old acid infused blood transfusion.

With origins in the Parisian underground, the Free Press revolution, New Wave cinema, The Letterist movement, French Surrealism, sexual liberation and the European progressive rock explosion Jean Rollin’s 1972 film Le Frisson De Vampires still stands up as one of the most original European poetic erotic horror films after almost forty years since it’s cosmic inauguration. Just in time for Halloween Finders Keepers Records resurrect the complete freak rock soundtrack to the most phantasmagoric celluloid moment from “The First French Vampire Director” which has been shrouded in mystery, secrecy and red wine addled memories for four decades.

Originally rumoured to be played by a disbanded group of teenagers and lost in the edit suite the unabridged soundtrack of improvised freak-funk, commune rock and acidik folk could have easily been recorded by an early line-up of Gong or Ame Son and released on a label like BYG or ESP. The true origins of this rare psychedelic score and it’s unspoken legacy via private pressed free jazz albums and collectible mod rock 45s adds to the twisted tails that unfolds via our extensive liner notes making this release yet another counter-cultural pop milestone courtesy of Finders Keepers Records.

Made on a shoestring in rural Northern France with a cast and crew that draws a blood red line between the avant-garde and The pre-cert video cassette the behind the scenes story of Les Frisson De Vampires engulfs a rampant river of cultural phenomenon such as Japanese Pinky films, X-rated comic books, The Mai 68 riots and the forward thinking No-No generation. Complete with classic and highly collectible artwork by French illustrator Phillipe Druliet and music that will appeal to fans of J. P. Massiera, Amon Duul 1, Jean-Claude Vannier, Igor Wakhevitch, Fifty Foot Hose, early Pink Floyd and Acid Mothers Temple.

Originally released in 2010 as the inaugeral release in our dedicated Rollinade series, documenting some of the finest musical moments of the director’s career as an avant-gardener, counter-culture vulture and Gallic vamp-tramp, Finders Keepers once again presents the entire unreleased soundtrack from the ultimate French vampire hippy flick Le Frisson Des Vampires on transparent blood red vinyl (with a black pressing to follow in early 2021).

Strictly limited to 500 copies only.

Very special limited edition silver foil embossed velveteen artwork featuring insignia of French actress (and erotic pop star) Sandra Julien in her famous press shot pose from LeFrisson Des Vampires taken from one of the rarest poster and publicity adverts of the film. Comes complete with blood red transparent vinyl, screen printed 12″ x 20″ poster and insert with extensive liner notes.

Limited to 50 copies (collectable colours may vary).


  1. Funérailles Des Vampires
  2. Le Frisson Des Vampires
  3. La Chateau
  4. Wedding Party (Angoisse Temporelle)
  5. Ominous Tower
  6. Occupied Clock
  7. Who Are You?
  8. Isolde
  9. Curious Antoine
  10. Sleeping Beauty (Samba Des Vampires)
  11. I Thought I Had A Hallucination
  12. Violent Library
  13. Night Excursion
  14. The Memory Of Eternal Darkness
  15. Isolde Rising
  16. Drunk With Carnage
  17. Isabelles Demise
  18. Doux-Reveil
  19. Isa's Ceremony
  20. Love-Blood
  21. Flightless Bird
  22. La Cite Rouge
  23. Blood-Cups
  24. Isa's Ceremony 2 / Runaway Train
  25. Free From The Curse
  26. The Shiver Of The Vampires
  27. Envol Vers La Folie