Philippe D'Aram


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An early exponent of the growing trend of synthesizer music in horror soundtracks, Philippe D’Aram and his 1979 score for Jean Rollin’s Fascination treads the same ground as early John Carpenter and Suzanne Ciani film music while maintaining an essential Gallic charm shared by a young Jean-Michelle Jarre or Philippe Besombes. His fusion of synthetic choral arrangements with bowed saws and subtle processed drones and tones sit comfortably next to the privately pressed new age synth movement of the coming decade and project further inspiration for the brooding neo-concrete of current outfits like Sunn O))), Demdike Stare et al. Previously unreleased in its entirety this is the first time that any of this music has been released on vinyl.


  1. Fascination
  2. Bizarre Cult
  3. La Valse Grinçante
  4. Bizarre Cult 2
  5. Apparation Du Chateau
  6. Canis Lupus
  7. La Valse Fascinante
  8. La Louve
  9. L'Interieur Des Ecuries
  10. Death Brigitte
  11. L'Amour Des Deux Filles