Jane Weaver

Mission Desire

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Straddling her self-propelled one-woman rocket ship from the heart of The Silver Globe, Mancunian/Liverpudlian earthling Jane Weaver keeps a steady foot in both the kosmische synth scape domain as well as the cinematic funk camp to bring you her new cosmic pop single Mission Desire.

As a standout track from one of the most critically acclaimed albums to bridge 2014/2015 (the self produced and auto-promoted LP The Silver Globe), Jane’s unique blend of European comic book pop conjures images of Gallic sci-fi sets and futurist discotheques epitomised in Mission Desire as a wholly unique slice of growling synth driven melodic silicon pop.

Having garnered widespread critical support, winning Piccadilly Records Album Of The Year award (a sentiment shared by countless discerning record buyers, mixtape DJs, live promoters and radio hosts) unanimous praise for Jane’s long-running dedication as an independent female artist has won her a full calendars worth of gig fixtures, a queue of eager collaborators and a deserved reappraisal of a treasure trove back catalog.

Mission Desire is released as a digital download as well as part of a forthcoming 45rpm split single with Cardiff’s Tender Prey (Cate Le Bon/Sweet Baboo affiliate) who shares release schedules on Jane’s very own femme-pop label Bird Records (in conjunction with Finders Keepers Records). Recorded in Manchester, Mission Desire showcases Jane alone at the front of the mixing desk from an album that includes appearances from Atari music composer Suzanne Ciani, David Homes, Hawkwind and Andy Votel. With a strong comic book aesthetic the track Mission Desire also appears on a trailer for Jane’s favourite 60s French cartoon Marie Mathematique (the baby sister of Barbarella) that combined memories of scopiotone pop video and a dream homage in this unique creative exchange.

A recent addition of ten new bonus tracks to The Silver Globe (special edition) coupled with looming festival dates – connecting Glastonbury, Green Man, Latitude, Festival No 6 (as well as increasing international fixtures) – Jane Weaver’s global mission continues to gather glowing momentum with little sign of deceleration.


  1. Mission Desire
  2. You Are Dissolved
  3. Argent (Tom Furse Extrapolations)