Garçon Au Fille

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The self-titled Mystery History Of Planet Gong is a tangled web blurred by hallucinogen induced mis-memories and contradictory cross-continental record label marketing ploys resulting in wrongly titled releases and erratic personnel changes – which naturally makes them one of the most interesting groups from the BYG era.

BYG’s first Daevid Allen release was Est-Ce Que Je Suis (confusingly/alternatively titled ‘Garcon Ou Fille’) which sounds like an anti-ye-ye Nino Ferrer spoof with interjected haywire soprano sax bursts (courtesy of Deya plucked reed instrumentalist Didier Malherbe) and Smythsonian space whisperings. The B-side, ‘Hip Hypnotise You’ (amazing title!), is saturated in all the futuristic watermarks that stained the bands following decade including the inimitable instrumental mix of Brain Scissors, Sky Ladder Arrow, Loin Cackles and Gnomes behind topped off with Gilly Smyth’s debut French language poetry begging comparison to post-pubescent France Gall or a stony Leonie.