Bruno Spoerri


Finders Keepers




Finders Keepers presents the first ever collection of musical works of Bruno Spoerri, the mythical character who worked with members of legendary Krautrockers Can, composed music for engineering companies and made motivational music for industrial sites and factories utilising concrete techniques, primitive sampling techniques and contemporary experimental psych-rock and funk musicians.

Bruno also composed embryonic pre-Nintendo sprite-themes for the Germanic equivalents of It’s A Knock Out and various Takeshi’s Castle style fantasy sporting events – as well as educational robot sex films and art school cinematic anomalies.

Packed with rare and previously unseen photographs and detailed liners by Bruno, and following the success of Jazzman Records long deleted and highly collectable 7″ reissue a few years ago, this unique collection of Bruno’s vast, and largely unheard until today, body of work is sure to go on to similar critical and commercial success!


  1. Glückskugel - Title
  2. Glückskugel - The Race
  3. Oederlin
  4. Les Electroniciens
  5. Soft Art Theme
  6. Lilith - Singing In The Dark
  7. Lilith - The Dance