Beneath Fire & Smoke


Battered Ornaments
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Peter Hedley’s Beneath Fire & Smoke project makes its debut with this a beautifully sculptured and experimental record that defies catogorisation. Written, recorded and produced by Pete somewhere between South East London and his parent’s home in the Welsh countryside, Beneath Fire & Smoke is the amalgamation of a classical training, a mammoth record collection and boundless enthusiasm.

Hypnotically wonky this single is a sneaky peak into one of the most varied and experimental musical scrapbooks you are likely to hear.  Infused with krautrock sensibilities, aching classical flourishes and a healthy dose of skewed electronica, it is difficult to pigeonhole this record into any contemporary mainstream genre.  Coupled with an ‘organic’ live set that veers from fully blown band backing to a one-man-beat-heavy electronic headfuck or simply layer-upon-layer of repetitive violin, Voice Of The Seven Woods and All Traps Set collaborator Pete has produced some of the most original and alluring music Battered Ornaments has heard for a very long time – also earning himself a small but cult following.


  1. Sometimes
  2. The Man From Pittsburgh