Absolute Fusioon

Finders Keepers



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The giant Dayglo green amphibious creature floats above its bright orange backdrop like the last slice of peel on a Melicoccus bijugatus Spanish lime. As your focus blurs, the black letters in the fumetti speech bubble emanating from the acid croc’s gob offer nothing in way of an explanation for his bizarre portrait. You frightfully race to the end of a long line of 12” plinths desperate for images of hammond organs, longhaired hippies, guitar peddles, outsize afros, pastoral landscapes or the comfort of a very normal Roger Dean cosmic battle scene of a solarised Keef Macmillan ghost face. As Cyrillic and Greek typefaces spelling out badly translated Double Dutch flash before your eyes alongside non-stop images of giant eggs, melting skulls and oversize eyeballs you can’t escape the gaze of the big green gator while his wobbling words – “Fusioooooooooon!!!” – echo through the next crate of psychedelic unknowns. You are struggling through a huge European record fair and the enigmatic and unforgettable record sleeve that is embedded in your memory could strike again at any turn. In time you will grow to know it and trust his familiar toothy grin. Recurring copies of this successful unidentified Mediterranean monster will act as a familiar bright orange beacon back to central European shores and one day when you are feeling brave enough you might even step closer to his beady eye, stretch out his gatefold tail and listen as he opens his gaping jaws and sings. Crocodile? Alligator? Lizard? Dinosaur? All four? Fusioon, as the name suggests, are a very unique band.

From the foundations of the Calalonian rock Laieta movement, Fusioon are an uber-legendary exponent of Ibiza’s 1970 psychedelic club scene. An essential for fans of freak funk and symphonic jazz rock with no Egg-ception.

Imagine a Spanish mutation somewhere between Goblin and The Stake Reality. Featuing tracks from the cosmic studio of Joes Llobell (Enterprise/Oliver’s Planet).

Snap it up while you can… An Absolute Belter.

1. Dialogos
2. Cyclos
3. Ya Se Van Los Pastores
4. Farsa Del Buen Vivir
5. No Hay Habitacion
6. Negra Sombra
7. Tocata Y Fug
8. Contraste
9. Danza De Molinero
10. Rondo Y Final
11. Fusioon Rapsodia
12. Tritons Conclusion

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Who can ignore a band with a name this blatant? But if you think this is “fusion” in a traditional sense, think again. An epic soundtrack when Spain was adjusting to a new political era, with it’s own Catalan swagger Prefuse 73 (Savath y Savalas) 

Imagine a Spanish merging of Soft Machine & Egg.. A Catalan Canterbury rather than many who reside in Can’t-erbury DJ Cherrystones

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