Stanley Myers

Sitting Target

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Alongside the recently resurrected (but previously unreleased) seminal scores for ‘The Wickerman’, ‘Deathline’ and ‘Psychomania’, STANLEY MYERS’ ‘SITTING TARGET’ is another UK thriller soundtrack that has sat in the proverbial ‘can’ for over 30 years while cinematic sonic-enthusiasts have had to make do with homemade bootlegs taped from second generation video tapes in hope of soundtrack amnesty. After composing ‘groovy-movie’ music for films such as ‘Otley’ and ‘No Way To Treat A Lady’, the ‘Deer Hunter’ axe-meister brings us his most forward thinking fuzzed-out-orchestratral-proto-hip-hop score to date (albeit three decades late).

Maestro Myers provides the brooding soundscapes for the first-ever R-Rated British movie which saw Lovejoy’s IAN MCSHANE accompany the animalistic OLIVER REED on a Pentonville escape mission fuelled by a bleeding heart, a gallon of red mist and a diabolical lust for revenge.

NEVER BEFORE released on any format with exclusive pics and extensive liner notes. Re-mastered from the original quarter inch reels with the full co-operation of Stanley Myers’ estate!!


  1. Main Theme
  2. Visitor
  3. Straight Jacket
  4. Solitaire
  5. It's All Yours
  6. Laundry Lark
  7. The Mews
  8. Special Delivery
  9. Fur Coat
  10. Salt and Oil
  11. Friend Of Marty's
  12. Squealing Pig
  13. Split Down The Middle
  14. Sitting Target
  15. Betrayal
  16. Train Yard Chase
  17. Harry - End Theme