Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki

Finders Keepers
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After February’s dazzling critical acclaim of Jean-Claude Vannier’s Serge Gainsbourg related rarity L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches LP, April will see your favourite purveyors of obscure and undiscovered vinyl treats consolidate their healthy obsession with funked-up French concept albums by releasing the mind-boggling Yamasuki LP by Daniel Vangarde and Jean Kluger.

For those in need of epic, exotic, metronomic, and dare I say it – proto-psychedelic hip hop that defies categorization – you need look and listen no further. An educational bubblegum multicultural psych-rock opera with lavish choral arrangements and triple-fat beats and basslines is the only way to describe this 1971 French/Japanese choreography LP which was designed to bridge the European and East Asian culture gap through the power of deep and funky music.

This release has already received a warm welcome from some of the most obsessive collectors of obscure music ranging from top producers to vinyl vultures and home listeners who are still struggling to track down the elusive music from this team of theatrical, progressive conceptualists who remain quite understandably in a league of their own.

So that’s all you need to know, apart from the added information that original copies of this record are as rare as the usual Finders Keepers hand-carved stallion stools; and for those who are asking… this IS the first time Yamasuki has been released on Compact Disc. It’s also been mastered by Jean Kluger himself from the original studio tapes.

Yamasuki is the second collectable release from Andy Votel and Doug Shipton’s Finders Keepers library label, who, with over 40 combined years of record collecting experience are dedicated to bringing an analogue catalogue of unheard, unreleased and unbelievable vintage vinyl anomalies to the comfort of your psych-starved stereo laboratories. All available on both CD and high quality, industry standard black vinyl with authentic packaging.

Anyone for ‘escargot sushi’??? – It’s time to do the ‘Yamasuki’.


  1. Yamasuki
  2. Kono Samurai
  3. Yamamoto Kakapote
  4. Okawa
  5. Aieaoa
  6. Aisere I Love You
  7. Yama Yama
  8. Seyu Sayonara
  9. Abana Bakana
  10. Fudji Yama
  11. Yokomo
  12. Kashi Kofima