Stackwaddy/Spider King

Hunt The Stag/Animals

Finders Keepers / MAN CHEST HAIR
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Finders Keepers Records and Oi Polloi collaborate to bring you two rare slices of testosterone fuelled heavy Mancunian “hunting songs” previewing a new archive of unreleased Mancunian rock for the forthcoming MAN CHEST HAIR compilation and taken from the limited collaboration mixtape Plight Of The Hunter.

Finders Keepers in conjunction with Mancunian friends Oi Polloi give fans of both hard rock and malformed punk with a double-sided 7” vinyl single of two lost recordings from the virile and self-sufficient Manc rock scene that eluded major label domination throughout the 1970s.

Proudly advertised as Manchester’s prime purveyors of “The f***ing heaviest music you ever heard” Stack Waddy were born out of the threepiece combo New Religion who cut their teeth on the French hard rock club circuit in the early 1970s before returning to Timperley and enlisting the bizarre yearning vocals of local bricklayer John Knail who instantly complimented the uninhibited axe-ministry of Mick Stott (a man locally known to have been using guitar feed back “way before Hendrix”). Eventually signed to John Peel’s Dandelion label this previously unpressed studio demo captures a Sabbatical War Pig of a riff while Knail sings the contents of his local chip shop menu in this tuff-love serenade. This double whammy also snares a rare homemade punk track called Animals by Manchester’s omnipresent Spider Mike King, whose loyalty to the local DIY scene began with his first band Jacko Ogg with best bud Martin Hannett and soon saw him join Nico’s post-Velvet’s band and play a one man fuzz guitar show with AC/DC. The track’s rumbling bassline and synthetic drum clatters treads a path between early Fall and a microwaved Spaghetti Western with Mikes unique songwriting pushing this no-fi nugget to the front of Manc pop’s most wanted/lost property inventory.