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Make Do And Mend Volume Seven (Sublime Frequencies)

Finders Keepers



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In response to the Finders Keepers/Twisted Nerve/Bird/Battered Ormnaments stock loss in the PIAS warehouse fires caused by rioting on August 8th a few of our close label mates have come together to compile some of their favourite moments from the Finders Keepers family discography. A series of 10 limited edition CD and MP3 compilations curated by the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Demdike Stare, David Holmes and Gruff Rhys including some exclusive and unreleased tracks are now ready to order directly from the website and like minded retailers in a bid to ease us back onto our feet releasing phantastic obscure and obselete music as soon as possible.

For the next five months we will present 10 limited edition albums (one every 2 weeks) kindly compiled by B-Music stalwarts and friends, including Jarvis Cocker, Demdike Stare, David Holmes and Gruff Rhys (amongst others) choosing their favourite songs from our expansive catalogue, as well as featuring exclusive songs, edits and remixes.

1. Mehrpouya – Soul Raga
2. Furia – Furia
3. Mustafa Ozkent – Dolana Dolana
4. Rung Petchburi – Pai Joi
5. Sohail Rana – Soul Sitar
6. Don Gere – Werewolves On Wheels (Main Theme)
7. Googoosh – Bemoun Ta Bemounam
8. Fusioon – Cyclos
9. Ersen – Dertli Kaval
10. Sarolta Zalatnay – Egyser
11. The Vampires Of Dartmoore – A Handful Of Nitros
12. Rung Fah Puping – Pu Yai Lee Santana

Bonus track

13. Nahid Akhtar – Some Say I Am A Sweety

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