Le B





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Pocket melodic tantrums and slackly strummed sweetness sit side by side on this debut self-assembled collection of unpolished peons from Cardiff based Laura Elizabeth Bryon.

Recorded in one room with one mic in one take with one objective and a thousand ideas. This seven-track sketchbook captures a rare artist in her natural habitat devoid of pretension or overproduction with an awkward and ambrosial tone that begs urgently and comforts casually.

Inspired by love, loss and late night adventures Le B’s saccharine songsmithery is presented on the finest mechanical medium, limited edition 500 only 7″ vinyl, which includes a version of the English Volk standard “The Trees They Do Grow High”.

1. Good Fortune Sounds
2. The Trees They Do Grow High
3. Cat Song
4. Drinking Song
5. Things That Happen When You Write Them Down

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