Gary Sloan Ensemble

E tai daotion

Finders Keepers
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As one of Finders Keepers Records final releases for 2022, emerging from deep beneath the snow drifts comes this mind-blowing 1977 slice of unreleased inter-communal electronic jazz from Alaska. Taken directly from restored session tapes from the vault of local jazz scene pillar and early synthesiser obsessive Gary Sloan, this is one of a small handful of audio documents that captures multiple players from the vibrant Anchorage jazz scene, which comprised groups such as Clone and Free Spirit before their own private-press vinyl and cassette industry disappeared into relative obscurity. For fans of head-nod jazz rock and synth-ridden fusion as heard on certain records by COS, Faust, Marc Moulin, Mike Nock, Toolshed, Ex Ovo Pro and Comet Is Coming, this previously unheard archive recording will certainly not disappoint. Pressed on just 50 hand-cut lathes, complete with screen printed and stitched custom artwork.

This exclusive issue of the track E tai daotion (which loosely translates to Many Hands, One Mind) was made for the bi-annual Record Planet record fair in Holland, but with a tight deadline coupled with its bespoke nature meant a very small handful remained in the Finders Keepers office before assembly which we are now making available exclusively via our online channels. If the response to our previous limited jazz lathes by Masahiko Sato and Durul Gence is anything to go by, copies of this very special edition will be rehoused very quickly…. so don’t hibernate!