Finders Keepers cork turntable mat (single)

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Finally succumbing to one of our most popular demands Finders Keepers Records make up for lost time with an entire series of turntable platter accessories in a monsoon of multifarious options.

This lo-torque cork anti-stat stable mat isn’t the fastest bunny in the running but for home listeners this heavy duty turntable tortoise crosses the finish line with minimal rumble and supreme shock absorbent feet without adding unnecessary weight to your steel wheel. Above all, this ergonomic design piece, featuring the classic Finders Keepers globe logo (inspired by 1970’s Turkish label Türküola) is made of organic cork material adding that all important earthy aesthetic to your high-spec mechanical stereo system and is especially flattering to fine woodwork surroundings such as mid-century teak-cabinets! This timeless but retro addition to your home rig will most definitely be the hi-fi connoisseurs choice.