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Disposable Music (6-10 Digital Bundle)

Disposable Music
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It has taken over four very active years for the people behind the Finders Keepers label family to finally return to what we still consider to be one of our favourite vinyl projects. The ongoing Disposable Music library subscription series is a series which pools some of the best emotive, comprehensive, previously unavailable instrumental music from the unmarked archives of experimental artists within the expanding Finders Keepers family and presents it as a series of limited uniformed archival vinyl discs. Like all the most influential library music labels on the 60s, 70s and 80s the music from DiM is sourced, compiled and produced catering to the requirements of the film, television and radio industries but as the interest in thematic instrumental ‘picture music’ seep deeper into the record collector psyche these limited multi-purpose discs are naturally recommended for whichever creative application you see fit. Each disc combines two full musical programmes sourced from both vintage archives and new exclusive recordings by contemporary artists specially paired to compliment the individual musical sensibilities and mutual affection.

This time Disposable Music are proud to bring you metronomic jazz made for the Swiss cheese information board; wind synth music designed for planetariums; possessed pastoral mechanical folklore sounds; primitive electric organ sci-fi music; Spaghetti Western themes for Scandinavian fashion shows; drum machine music for household appliances; unused Polish detective theme tunes; Gallic dreamscapes for graveyard dates; mouthorgan music for mutants; Eastern street music field studies, and a selection of commercially unreleased tracks that have been recycled from French and American horror soundtracks, short-run TV ads, one-off radio programmes and educational science programmes. Having learned, enjoyed and expanded since the first run of DiM we are very excited to unleash this custom collection to your ever expanding music tastes.

Available for a limited time only this digital bundle brings together all ten recordings for a special price.


Emerald Web – Garden Of Mirrors

  1. Emergence
  2. Interlude
  3. Through The Garden Of Mirrors
  4. Doppler Bells 2
  5. In The Eye Of Jupiter’s Hurricane
  6. Inside The Hall Of Chips
  7. Twilight
  8. Freefall
  9. Dreamspun

S. Mcloughlin & A. Cooper - Supernatural Lancashire Volume Two

  1. The Fox Moth
  2. Hleapan
  3. Hexagons Above Dovestones
  4. Kept Birds Fly In Recurring Circles
  5. Hleapan #2
  6. The Continuing Trade Of Old Canky
  7. Skrikers Steal Into Sight
  8. A Plague of Coded Knocking
  9. Consumed by Opal Waters
  10. Lunaris

Bruno Spoerri – Hommage Au Fromage

  1. Ouverture
  2. Swiss Pack
  3. The Harp And The Whey
  4. Harfe und Sirte
  5. Hommage au Fromage
  6. Folklore Moderne
  7. Valse du Fromager

Graham Massey – Hollingsville

  1. Fast Ray Baroque
  2. Raybestos
  3. Jet Bolero
  4. Hollingsville Industries
  5. Magnetic Boot Problem
  6. Neptune (feat. Seaming To)
  7. The Maxwell Gap
  8. Asteroid Waltz

Pierre Raph – La Rose De Fer

  1. Bruits Et Voix Dans In Cimetière Part 1
  2. La Rose De Fer
  3. Song For Francoise
  4. Bruits Et Voix Dans In Cimetière Part 2
  5. The Iron Rose
  6. Ville D’Amiens
  7. Bruits Et Voix Dans In Cimetière Part 3
  8. Descension Into Darkness

Jane Weaver – Intiaani Kesä

  1. Descension Into Darkness
  2. Parade Of Blood Red Sorrows
  3. Spirit Of Widows’ Tears
  4. Awakening Into Red Sun
  5. Intiaani Kesä Part 1
  6. Cascade In Light
  7. Sorrow In Air
  8. She – The Orchid
  9. Intiaani Kesä Part 2
  10. Do Not Forsake Me
  11. Widows’ Tears Under Spell

Suzanne Ciani – Ciani Music Showreel Instrumentals

  1. AT&T Logo
  2. Slo-Mow*
  3. Hot Streak*
  4. Mercury
  5. ABC Logo
  6. Pouring
  7. Red Hot*
  8. Clean Room*
  9. B&D Logo
  10. The Vanishing Bottle
  11. Atari Summer*
  12. Time
  13. Discover
  14. Prince Tennis
  15. Eclipse*

*long version

Clone – Octabred

  1. Becomes A Loner
  2. Octabred
  3. Instrumental
  4. Harpbirds
  5. Becomes A Friend
  6. Tape 38
  7. Clone Meets Octabred
  8. Harpbirds 2
  9. Octabred At The End

Andrzej Korzynski – S.O.S.

  1. SOS Generique
  2. SOS Tempo
  3. Save Our Souls
  4. Free Souls
  5. Dark Souls
  6. SOS Lament

Awkward Corners – Awkward Corners

  1. Shaam
  2. The Sweet Decay
  3. Pressure Drop
  4. Tigris
  5. Seetara
  6. Forest Song