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Cacophonic 7″ Box Set



6 x 7" + D/L CODE

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For the past four years Finders Keepers sister label Cacophonic has offered up choice helpings of global pre-pop experimental joyful noise, free jazz and avant-garde electronics from some of the most forward-thinking artists and sonic provocateurs of the 21st century.

To mark this minor milestone all six of our sought after short players – featuring the likes of Don Cherry, François Tusques, Jean-Jacques Perrey and Krzysztof Komeda – have been collected together here for the first time in a strictly limited edition embossed handmade box.

The Krzysztof Komeda Trio
Knife In The Water

1. Typish Jazz
2. Crazy Girl
3. Cherry
4. Ballad For Bernt

Mr. Ondioline
Mr. Ondioline
1. Parade Des Soldats De Bois
2. La Gavotte Des Vers Luisants
3. Le Siffleur Et Son Chien 4. Nola
Max Mathews
Music From Mathematics Volume One
1. Three Against Four
2. Numerology
3. Bicycle Built For Two
4. The Second Law
5. May Carol
6. Joy To The World
John Robinson Pierce
Music From Mathematics Volume Two
1. Five Against Seven-Random Canon
2. Stochatta
3. Variation In Timbre And Attack
4. Molto Amoroso
5. Beat Canon
6. Melodie
CACK4505 François Tusques & Don Cherry La Maison Fille Du Soleil
Don Cherry & Jon Appleton
Don & Jon
1. Don
2. Jon

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