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Alejandro Jodorowsky Bag Set

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Finally!  In a deal that has taken over ten years to orchestrate, Finders Keepers and ABKCO are proud the bring you the first-ever dedicated vinyl series of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s original fantastique film scores comprising an expansive cross section of incredible outer-national music ranging from free jazz, Mexican acid folk, symphonic psych rock, Swedish prog, spiritual jazz, lush Morriconesque scores, analogue electronics, West African percussion and a bunch of genres that probably haven’t been invented yet.

As fans of alternative pop culture, outsider art, comic design, Tarot (and pretty much anything psychedelic) will testify, Alejandro Jodorowsky was (and still is) a true visionary and as an extension to his film making his taste, Interpolation, self composition and synchronisation of progressive music is as synonymous with his films as the hallucinogenic imagery, the incredible costumes, the free love, pantomime violence and flamboyant film sets.

A personified encyclopedic definition of the word auteur, Jodorowsky’s music production and curation is as enthralling within the films context or judged on its own merit.  But It has taken a further thirty years for many of these lost tracks to be heard in isolation, especially in the case of The Holy Mountain (1973) of which the musical score was stunned in the crossfire of a three decade stand-off between Jodorowsky and film producer/US Beatles manager Allen Klein before the studio tapes were finally exhumed in 2007 (when the pair agreed to work together on new material). The music for The Holy Mountain crosses multiple pop cultural and collector circles standing up as both “The unreleased soundtrack to the most fantastic transcendental spiritual cinematic explosion of our time?” and “The long lost studio album of Don Cherry and The Jazz Composers Orchestra – featuring previously unreleased music from Carla Bley, Charlie Haden and Frank Lowe.”  In addition to this, the music from studios like Walter Sears Moog Centre and Electric Ladyland share vinyl grooves for the first time with members of Elephant’s Memory and the interchangeable Plastic Ono Band as John and Yoko give thumbs up on the purse strings.

The other scores here feature unreleased music by Jodorowsky’s own son Adanowsky for his latest autobiographical film The Dance Of Reality and the soundtrack to Jodorowsky’s first international feature film the “Spiritual Psuedo Western” El Topo (1970) composed by Alejandro himself alongside Mexican avant-theatre and film composer Nacho Méndez, with Shankar/Harrison orchestrator John Barnham and cut from the original tapes of Black Sabbath/Pink Floyd engineer Brian Humphries.

Housed in special exclusive artwork based on rare European artwork from the films original theatrical releases these three LPs include extensive sleeve notes, inside information, complimentary comments, and interviews from Andy Votel, Asia Argento, Neneh Cherry, Thurston Moore and many of the original musicians who attended the mythical studio sessions. Telling an untold tale that starts with a deal with a Miles Davis producer and meets a vibrant cast of key figures of extrovert pop culture along the way – via Swedish jazzers, prudish Beatles, French eroticists, Mexican transvestites, synthesiser scientists and midnight cowboys.  This project is a fantastic start to Finders Keepers Ten year anniversary and we are proud to continue to bring these “Holy” grails to our likeminded and loyal followers. From molehills to mountains and beyond Finders Keepers plan to dig deeper and climb higher on your behalf.