Unblinkered Vintage Sinema

Over the past few months Finders Keepers Records and Manchester’s Dancehouse Theatre have been experimenting with a number of alternative cinema events in their Mancunian hometown attempting to open inquisitive and creative minds to a new world of lost cinema and film music which has seldom, if ever at all, made it to UK theatres in the past. Combining niche genres such as werewolf Hells Angels vs. satanic Aussie biker cults or Czech witchcraft for kids, Finders Keepers has gathered modest audiences in an attempt to bring something unique to fans of alternative cinema while providing a wider perspective to the previously unreleased soundtrack albums we have spent almost a decade remastering and releasing for the loyal global fan base that keeps our cogs turning in these times of uncertain prospects for the independent music, film and art industries. For those who have chose to join us to watch films, listen to our DJs soundtrack collections and drink beer thus far we are very grateful and happy that there is still a community of hopeless cultural escapologists who thirst for unknown pleasures expands beyond the comfort zones of pre-packaged pop and spoon-fed Hollywood designer drivel. The outsiders, the unknowns, the unpolished and the over politicised. Banned, canned and critically slammed. The lost films that make up the Hocus Focus monthly schedule in many cases have simply had nowhere else to go in the last 40 years and the selection at our latest and probably greatest installment will be no exemption. You’re certainly not going to see these films anywhere else anytime soon.

Tuesday 11th March – Case Of The Bloody Iris (Italy, 1973)
DJ sets from Sean Demdike, Andy Votel and Doug Shipton

Tuesday 15th April – The Incredible Shrinking Woman (USA, 1981)
Neotanktrik DJ set (TBC)

Tuesday 13th May – All The Colours Of The Dark (Italy, 1972)
w/ the award winning short Yellow

Tuesday 17th June – The Devil (Poland, 1972)
w/ N. Racker (Live)