Don Gere

Werewolves On Wheels (Limited Vegan Friendly Werewolf Fur Edition)

Finders Keepers
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Experience the true WWOW factor of Finders Keepers’ most elaborate deluxe phonographic tribute package yet with the 1971 lycanthropic/Satanic/biker/stoner/psych/commune/rock soundtrack to Werewolves On Wheels in this handmade super furry motorcycle monster edition!

If a plot based around an outlaw biker gang making a deal with a Satanic church then turning into a bunch of werewolves isn’t quite melodramatic enough, then the tale of this lost soundtrack serves as a pretty good real-life sequel. Made by a wide-eyed crew in-between contracts for Roger Corman and Russ Meyer this film confused box offices by straddling the genres of biker movie and horror flick during its 1971 release later to find critical bedfellows aside the like of Psychomania, Hex and Stone. Running out of budget and pulling in a last minute favour from a Disneyland make-up artist for the special effects, the film’s post-production costs were virtually non-existent – opening the doors for a very unique kind of soundtrack composer keen to experiment with a new blend of disjointed stoner psych and ritualistic commune country (on a budget that placed him above both criticism or discipline).

Thirty years down the dusty road, Finders Keepers disc detectives embarked on an epic investigation overcoming destroyed master-tapes, 35mm film reels, a childhood sweetheart life-long unison and a widow with a box of unplayed acetates. Punctuated by unpressed acid folk duos and lesser-known collaborations with (classic break merchants) Kid Dynamite and members of Bread and The Steve Miller Band, this genuine game changer in biker psych victoriously kicked Mike Curb to the curb and sent Davy Allen’s Arrows off-target. When Finders Keepers invited you to compare the first-ever pressing of Werewolves On Wheels to “a speedball motoric jam session between guitarist Sandy Bull and Munich’s Amon Duul 1” we weren’t messing around. However, disaster struck and we lost all our stock in a riotous warehouse fire in London. As a result, Werewolves On Wheels may well have been the rarest physical pressing in the history of the label, but remained untravelled, trapped in a dust bowl. Now, a lucky seven years later Finders Keepers are giving both Don Gere and his score to Werewolves On Wheels the special treatment it deserves in this truly unique ultra-limited collectors’ edition.

Behold the first ever record packaging made from genuine vegan friendly werewolf fur. This truly unique vinyl edition not only includes Don Gere’s complete 15 track original 1971 soundtrack to Werewolves On Wheels but an extra disc of Don’s simultaneously recorded husband and wife acidic folk duo Don & Stevie (whose unreleased acetates were created in the close company of artists like Curt Boetcher with members of The Millennium and the Buckingham Nicks band). In celebration of the Werewolves On Wheels soundtrack this super furry double-stitched sleeve is emblazoned with the Devil’s Advocates embroidered biker patch depicting the gangs authentic skully “colours” designed by the films original art director Allan H. Jones – complete with the “bottom rocker” phrase Werewolves On Wheels. Also taken from Jones’ original folio comes a reproduction of four tarot card designs (housed in black envelope) which were historically drawn on-set using Magic Marker felt pens during off-camera down-time under the command of the film’s director Michael Levesque. This truly unique package also includes a detailed essay on the wider history of the both the film’s production and the totally untold story of Don Gere and his turbulent career as a musician trying to make it underneath the shadow of the Hollywood Hills (complete with all the city’s mysterious trappings).

Limited to exactly 71 issues (werewolves are indeed an endangered but dangerous species) in tribute to the films 1971 release date this bespoke release is clearly the ultimate lycanthropic bikesploitation soundtrack package you are likely to hear, see and FEEL – but keep you paws on the wheel! Finders Keepers delivers the reel deal and the best in silver bulletproof prog and furry funk.

Don’t be left howling at the moon. Bite now! Expected to exit at high speed.


  1. Werewolves on Wheels (Main Theme)
  2. Mount Shasta Home
  3. Ritual
  4. "One"
  5. Ritual 2
  6. The Devil's Advocates
  7. The Devil's Advocates (reprise)
  8. One Foot in Heaven
  9. Burning Grass
  10. Tarot
  11. Tarot Trail
  12. Dust Bowl
  13. The Devil's Advocates 2
  14. Ritual 3
  15. Werewolves On Wheels (End Theme)
  16. Radio record 1 (Bonus Track)
  17. Radio record 2 (Bonus Track)