Suzanne Ciani

Finders Keepers Anthology

Finders Keepers
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Made exclusively for seminars and record fairs in 2016 this Finders Keepers anthology of a true pioneer of electronic music is now made available to our faithful website visitors in strictly limited numbers.

Housed in deluxe white leatherette with stitching and silver foil Buchla graphic embossing this is a must for art edition collectors and electronic music enthusiasts alike and exists in a limited edition of 25 copies only worldwide. Comprising all of Suzanne’s previously released Finders Keepers material this serves as both a deluxe celebration of her previously lesser-known experimental endeavours as well as the perfect concise introductory pack for her pioneering synthesiser developments.

Including a vinyl edition of her first ever live recordings and National Endowment proposals (including full documentation) as well as the multifarious CD compilation Lixiviation alongside a white vinyl single of her work for Atari video games and finally incorporating a vinyl pressing of her first solo album Seven Waves (originally pressed in Japan before gaining global acclaim).

This concise portfolio of Suzanne’s work proceeds a new Finders Keepers schedule of further unreleased Ciani recordings in 2017 and will not be available outside of the confines of the Finders Keepers online shop and won’t be repressed.


Buchla Concerts 1975 (FKR082)

  1. Concert At WBAI Free Music Store
  2. Concert At Phil Niblock’s Loft

Seven Waves (015EGGS)

  1. The First Wave: Birth Of Venus
  2. The Second Wave: Sirens
  3. The Third Wave: Love In The Waves
  4. The Fourth Wave: Wind In The Sea
  5. The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby
  6. The Sixth Wave: Deep In The Sea
  7. The Seventh Wave: Sailing Away

Lixiviation (FKR053)

  1. Lixiviation
  2. Atari Video Games Logo
  3. ‘Clean Room’ ITT TV Spot
  4. Almay ‘Eclipse’ TV Spot
  5. Paris 1971
  6. Sound Of A Dream Kissing
  7. Atari Corporate Tag
  8. Princess With Orange Feet
  9. ‘Pop & Pour’ Coca-Cola Logo
  10. ‘Discover Magazine’ TV Spot
  11. Live Buchla Concert 1975
  12. ‘Inside Story’ PBS TV Spot
  13. ‘Liberator’ Atari TV Spot
  14. Eighth Wave
  15. Sound Of Wetness

Liberator (CACHE013)

  1. Liberator
  2. Summer