The Eft

Twisted Nerve




Partially separating the frost bitten fells that make up Lancashire’s lucid landscape are small clusters of naked black trees and hedgerow that provide shelter for a host of disgruntled inhabitants hibernating from typically cruel British Winters.

In a wood not dissimilar to this you’ll find a welcome co-inhabitant who spends his time making fractured folk songs with limited electricity and a wide range of mutant, mechanical music machines ranging from zygotic zithers to 10 second tape loops, lutes and flutes. Imagine Delia Derbyshire in deepest Lancashire recording a Nepalese Incredible String Band with members of Os Mutantes and Faust keeping the generator warm and the kitchen operating in audible proximity.

Sam McLoughlin’s viscously self-sufficient, fair-weather commune band make the type of acid soaked folk and handicraft punk-rock that unified Gong and Soft Machine fans before he was born.


  1. Intro
  2. Cruckle
  3. Never Or Now
  4. Spider
  5. Andy And The Mole
  6. Kawai Kry
  7. Board Snore
  8. Open Cluster
  9. Story
  10. Number Three
  11. Henbane Beer
  12. Small Riot
  13. Brave Kuda
  14. Cremation
  15. Shadow
  16. The Sound Is Six
  17. Movement
  18. With A Snake
  19. The Eft
  20. Mammat
  21. Argyll Minor