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Jane Weaver, Suzanne Ciani, Andy Votel, Sean Canty

Neotantrik Globes

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Private press recording of Jane Weaver rescored by Suzanne Ciani, Andy Votel and Sean Canty aka Neotantrik – an “incidental music” counterpart to The Silver Globe’s conceptual soundtrack.

Edition of 500 copies, one-sided pressing Invoking and refracting Jane Weaver’s hugely acclaimed, The Silver Globe in one engrossing session recorded in Bergen as part of an installation at the end of last year, we hear Jane’s original material dissected, atomised and diffused into a side of mercurial, open-ended electronics and mechanical process. Her sylvan vocal and pop chimes are received from a well detached perspective; one where her melodies, harmonies and vibes are scrambled, extruded and smeared so that we hear their morphing aspects in a swirling lightshow strafing from windswept ambience thru nebulous synth space, garrotting string tension and siren-like drone-pop to a screw-twisting denouement.

The album is also notable for featuring Suzanne Ciani making use of some specially-comissioned Buchla modules, some of the first new pieces produced by Don Buchla in years, plus a Nagoya Harp played through a fuzz pedal and Dulcimer fed through a space-echo. It’s totally absorbing and is perhaps one of thee strongest recordings we’ve heard from the trio’s one-of-a-kind setup, given an added dimension by Weaver’s hugely evocative voice.