Jane Weaver

I Need A Connection

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Following on from this Spring’s infectious, enslaving ear-worm Don’t Take My Soul and her plastic pop-funk summer anthem ‘Mission Desire’, self-propelled DIY anti-diva Jane Weaver humbly celebrates the end of the most industrious festival season in her twenty year career leaving audiences happy they ticked that “must-see” box, and euphoric in the rays of her set-list finale, I Need A Connection.

Originally composed as a bonus track for Jane’s unanimously revered self-released The Silver Globe LP, this syncopated synth-triggered slice of cinematic silicone soul has become a stand-out track and live show favourite. Condensing subliminal influences of a filmic Stuart Copeland, Suzanne Ciani, Bowie’s B-side of Low, a female Simple Minds cover band and an entire record fair wall of rare Krautrock unknowns into one Arpish, anthemic, unrequited liquid love song.

As Jane’s energy reserves blend into this October’s month long solo UK tour, I Need A Connection is close to becoming the most requested track of her live diary. Performing what is possibly the most recommended independent solo-female release in European record stores this year, and never once failing to justify its praise, Weaver’s repeat prescription of pulsating progressive pop and gossamer touch-button folk begs for radio redial and stands as a genuine inspiration to self-help femme pop outfits which deserves a CONNECTION with a wider worldly audience. The Silver Globe still turns – please magnetise.


  1. I Need A Connection
  2. The Amber Light
  3. Argent (edit)