Jacky Chalard

Superman Supercool

Cache Cache
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“Cache Cache” The phrase that the French use for the game Hide And Seek and the fitting title for a new European record label dedicated to seeking out shyly excitable pop music from the not too distant past.

A new home for elusive would-be dance-floor classics and misplaced cosmic-pop from the late 70s, 80s and 90s, Cache Cache Records explores the outer-reaches of modernist pops global legacy celebrating the skewed influence of disco, electro, post punk and hip hop.

From far-flung pseudo electro to denizen disco and rapsploitation Cache Cache thrives on hybridia, misplaced trends and the global regurgitation of custom-built dance-music joining the dots between the key genres of the digital age with a heavy emphasis on the dancefloor, a DIY funk aesthetic and futurist-pop sensibilities. The word Cache – a term also used in computer science for a component that transparently stores lost data – befits our labels modus operandi twice-fold liberating hibernating pop oddities from within production libraries, under the populist radar and behind past political wonder-walls. With a global community of some of the most respected wax-addicts within the incognito Cache Cache network our agents are now on the prowl…. Coming – ready or not.


  1. Superman Supercool (Extended Version)
  2. Made In America (Extended Version)
  3. Coupe d'europe a Geoffroy Guichard