Gravediggers Colours Enamel Badge

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Everybody likes enamel pin badges with obscure designs right? Finders Keepers finally commit some of there iconic artwork to enamel and metal in this exclusive and limited series.

Harking back to the true home of macabre metal medallions Finders Keepers present a bona fide biker badge immortalising the original Gravediggers MCA colors as worn by the Australian outlaw bikies in the movie Stone – a film that laid the template for Mad Max, impressed Tarantino and provide Finders Keepers Records with one of its proudest soundtrack reissue moments.

Crafted under the watchful aye of director Sandy Harbutt this badge is identical to the original Gravediggers logo patch and stands up a genuine and relevant biker chic article destined for leather or oil-stained denim. This pin also fits nicely within the circumference of a UK 50p piece (as opposed to some of the oversize double-prong pins on the market at the moment) so it’ll fit nicely alongside all your original biker pins or 70’s studs.